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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Early Worm Slept In

It took FOREVER to set up all our tents, so I was super tired and apparently slept in later than everybody else... There wasn't anymore breakfast so good thing I packed my emergency rations of candy!

Uncle Envi staked out the best plot for the whole family! It's super big, and we get to see the mountains and have a huuuuuuge lake to swim in! 

Best part about this camp site though? There is no end to the things I can do to have fun! I even got a note when I woke up from the morning announcements that there was a masquerade party tonight! Which got me thinking.....

...I should go! I had a blast dancing the night away. We did the monster mash, and thriller and all the fun Halloween songs. I can't wait to do more of the activities at the camp!

~Two outfits for this post! ~

Mask: ~Chimeric Fashions~ Cheetah Domino
Dress: Candy Cloud : night ballroom gown baby - purple
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arden - ginger


Flower: .tsg. Rose Accessory - White (group gift)
Necklace & Bracelet: {T.T}Blessed bracelet {T.T}Loved necklace (Hello Beautiful November!)
Outfit and shoes:  Muriel - Lux Red Plaid
Glasses: Itsy Bitsy Susan outfit

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  1. Aww I love this post. I'm currently wearing that Lux Outfit :) Super cute. I need to get that blessed bracelet though��