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Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Holiday!

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BiVD Will Return In 1 week! Stay Tuned Dreamers!


((Maybe if I sleep next to the tree I'll catch a Santa?))
Sim: Home Sim
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Karlie
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver]
PJs: {T.T} Sweet Dreams Penguin

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Rushing and packing and making cookies my head is in a tizzy!

I did get a minute to play with all my new toys I got for Christmas though, and boy did I get tons of fun new toys!

The train set in my dollhouse even moves! I got it from the advent calendar in Sherbert, it's super cute.

My Family also celebrated Christmas! Be sure to check it out on our Family blog Here!
❅ ❄ ❆
Merry Christmas all you Dreamers! I will be taking a small break to celebrate the Holidays with my Family, I hope you and yours have a happy and safe Holiday season, and I'll be seeing you all soon! 
❅ ❄ ❆
Sim: Home sim
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Coral Mesh Hair - Cinnamon
*SL* Salvina Fashion Glasses Brown - Sweet Lies 5 COMMON
[La Baguette] Snowflake (forehead and cheeks)
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Moor
{T.T}Cute cloud Necklace 
Nails: {T.T} Jolly Nails Art @ Hello Beautiful Dec 1st - Dec 24th
Outfit and Boots: *HT* December Group Gift
Shape: Custom by Me

Birthstone Doll Gacha @ Big Dream Dec 15-Jan 15th
Fireplace: T.T @Everything Kids Gacha Market, Dec 24th - Jan 17th

Advent Calendar Dollhouse: Sherbert  - Group daily item
There will be one room sponsored on each day for free! At 11:59 pm SLT on December 25th, the whole doll house will be for sale for only one day 75 L$. The Christmas room will only be available on the 25th so be sure to grab it! All other rooms will be offered after their release date but will increase by 10l for each day.

Day 1- 12/19 -  Doll house
Day 2- 12/20    Dining Room
Day 3- 12/21    Living Room
Day 4 - 12/22   Kid Room
Day 5 - 12/23   Grown Up Room
Day 6 - 12/24   Kitchen
Day 7-  12/25   Christmas Room

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Taking a Trip to Tour the Lights

While Momma got the house ready for our Christmas party with the family, I decided getting out of her hair might be the best option.

We started getting mail at our new house, and one of them was a poster talking about a Tour of Lights! It sounded super pretty so I decided to check it out. This first one is someones house!

They're house was decorated from floor to ceiling! It was super pretty, and they even had a little kitten that kept following around, maybe Mom will let me keep him?


Sim: Caity's Beach and Garden (open during Tour of Lights! Dec. 18-21st)
!Ohmai: X'mas Lights Wreath [Playful] - lighted! @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Karlie
Snowflake lashes: The Horror!~ Saga Lashes @The Midwinter Fair ***
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver] @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Necklace: Simply ~A~ My Little Girl
Scarf/Dress/Boots: Muriel. Christmas Dress @Color Me Cute December 15th to Jan. 1st
Kitten:  JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas - Ginger Tabby Kitten
Shape: Made by Me!

***This is an Adult Fair! Keep this in mind before going to their main stores!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lazy Sundays

So lazy it takes 2 days to post! <3

I had waited long enough by my mailbox I started getting snow all in my hair, I couldn't wait any longer for the new fair items to come out so with all my fidgeting I took my puppy for a walk.

Stopping for just a little bit to read a book about santa I heard the sound of an approaching train whistle.

But by the time we got there, it was just taking off, SO CLOSE! I had to wait for the next one to take me to the fairs....

Ribbon: Magika [Headband] Group Gift
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Karlie
Snowflake lashes: The Horror!~ Saga Lashes @The Midwinter Fair ***
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver] @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
{amiable}BLACK FRYDAY2015 Muffler(GG)
Top and Skirt: ZaCo: Naffie
Tights: T.T. Fancy Girl Tights
Boots:  "mignon." -moccasin fringe ankle boots
Earrings: {T.T}Birthstone earring
Necklace: [V/W] Winter Necklace C04 (Gacha) @The Midwinter Fair ***
Puppy: Jian Puff Pups :: Bundled White Puff (Gacha)

***This is an Adult Fair! Keep this in mind before going to their main stores!
Bonus Photo!

Friday, December 11, 2015

In Search for The Perfect Scapegoat

Today took a trip back to Storybrooke gardens, and it snowed!

My momma said that I can look for a sibling, and I was so excited I made a sign and took it everywhere with me today!

I made sure to stop and ask all the locals if they knew anyone that is looking for a family but no dice!
I'll just have to keep looking <3


Hat: {T.T}Twinkle winter hat 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anouk
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver] @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Earrings: {T.T}Little Bear earrings
Scarf: {T.T}Lulu scarf 
Outfit: *HT* Let It Snow Gacha @Kid to Kid December round
Shape: My Own! (I make customs Nikki.Witte <3)

Seriously though! Go zoom in on that sweater texture! 

Wanna Be a Dragovar??? Click the Break and read on :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Don't tell Santa!

Well don't tell Momma either.... 

I snuck out cause I got bored with unpacking my room hehehe! I wanted to check out this big area that has live musicians playing called White Christmas.

I found the cutest horses here too! I even got to pet their nose!

There was all kinds of wildlife, I counted at least 3 raccoons, a whole family of foxes, 2 squirrels, and a few reindeers and birdies and.....

I even found a hot air balloon ride! Which I got to use to tour the whole place. All the people looked like ants from way up here!

I forgot my skates, but I was super happy just to watch all the other people skating. There was so many, even doing tricks!


Hat: *HT* Festive Hat - 7 RARE @Neverland Events Until Dec. 20th!
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Melina Mesh Hair - Cinnamon
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver] @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Outfit and Shoes: Sammich Fixins -Innocent Baby @Allergic to Pink Until Dec 10th!
Earrings: {T.T}Little Bear earrings
Shape: My Own! (I make customs Nikki.Witte <3)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Strawberry & Mint

I've been so crazy crazy busy! I need a nap.... 

(you know I'm tired if even I'm suggesting that!)

I Moooooooved! Momma and I decided we'd like a little change of scenery!
I had to pack every single thing into boxes on Friday and Moved in today. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had, and how big our old house looked when all our stuff was out of it! Hehe!

I'll be super busy with getting everything all squared away, so travel's might have to be put on a little hold while we get settled <3

Sim: Home Sim! Just down the street :D
Hair: [DUE] Byrne (NR) - Pastel 5
Headband: pr!tty - Pearly Meowy
Glasses: Sweet Tots 70sG ~ Funky
Scarf: {T.T}Mignon scarf @ATP December 15th until the 25th
Top: ZaCo: Festive Outfit Pink
Tights: T.T. Fancy Girl Tights
Boots: {T.T}Meow Boots BABY rigged @Color Me Cute December 15th to Jan. 1st
Nails: {T.T} Jolly Nails Art @ Hello Beautiful Dec 1st - Dec 24th

In My Room: 
Pose used: {T.T}My Christmas gift gacha @Everything Kids Nov 24th - Dec 17th
{C} Starry Twilight @ ATLT  Dec 1st - Dec 21st
Sherbert Holiday Wall Hanging @Christmas Village
Cute Poison - Dream Cloud 02 A1 Pink
Serenity Style- Birdie Pillows   TCH 2nd ANNIV.
*MishMish* Pugs Love TV - Dr. Pug
The Loft - Marelda Fantasy Coach Green
+Half-Deer+ Mini Forest Friend - Red Panda (rez)
[Fetch] #Bunny Plushie - common
HIDEKI - Nostalgic Suitcase RARE
-Pixicat- Ballerina.Glass
{BunBun} Cat Camera - Purple
*Shai*  The Posh Puppy - Queen B RARE

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I thought you said Weeast

So I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way home...

It's hot, and sandy, and my glasses are super fogged up from being so cold earlier.

There must be alot of very handy people that live here, cause everything is made with lots of pieces of other things!

I even found a makeshift chrismas tree with a little snowman underneath! Isn't it cute?!

I almost fell into this huuuuge canyon along the way too! I threw a rock down and it took forever to get to the bottom.


Antlers and Outfit: *HT* Reindeer Costume @ ATLT  Dec 1st - Dec 21st
Hair: [e] Miya
Glasses: VCO . Zion glasses [Silver] @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Eyes: IKON
Necklace and Earrings:  B.C.C Pudding Fur @ Tannenbaum until December 25th
Nails: Nails: {T.T} Jolly Nails Art @ Hello Beautiful Dec 1st - Dec 24th
Shape: Custom (Bribes accepted in my picks!)
Snowman Pose: p.o.s.e. snowman gift @ ATLT  Dec 1st - Dec 21st

Monday, November 30, 2015

I think you need new glasses Santa!

While Momma got to decorating the house and getting the tree picked out, I decided to hand deliver my note to the Big man in Red.

Only problem was, I didn't know which way to go! Luckily I found a nice elf, who pointed me in the right direction!

I had to shout as loud as I could just to be heard over the wind from the snow storm. The doors started to open and I could hear the sounds of bells and happy music.

The sounds of hustle and bustle filled the air, I headed over to the Hall of Records, to give the Big Man my list.

NAUGHTY??? Other than taking a cookie from the cookie jar, and playing in Momma's makeup, and that one time I thought the walls would look better in pink so I started coloring them in with crayon.... I definitely shouldn't be getting COAL!!!

I had to prove I was nice, and I had to do it before it was time for dinner! I headed over to the school and grabbed the nearest Toys for Dummies book, and took a crash course in toy making.

I grabbed a needle and thread, and quick like a flash, with elbow grease a little bit of fairy dust, I was able to make the perfect teddy bear!

With a jolly grin, and a wink and a nod. Santa changed my name from Red to Green! I was back in the Nice list again!

Hat: {T.T}Candy Elf Hat @ATP until Dec 1st - Dec 10th
Hair: [e] Stella
Glasses: [Z O O M] Weed's Wood Sunglass
Sweater: *HT* Elf Christmas Sweater @ATP until Dec 1st - Dec 10th
Tail: GPDKIDS Broom-Tail Christmas Brown @ATLT  Dec 1st - Dec 21st
Leggings: ZaCo: Festive Outfit Green
Boots and Bracelet: Happy Miss Claus Gacha @ Everything Kids until Dec 17th
Ears: [][]Trap[][] Short Gelf Ears Low
Teddy Bear w/ animation: {T.T}My xmas bear Gift @ATP until Dec 1st - Dec 10th
Nails: {T.T} Jolly Nails Art @ Hello Beautiful Dec 1st - Dec 24th

Gacha Keys and Event Taxi! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm Thankful for...

Back up plans!

Today Mommy and I headed over to Aunt Nickol's house for Thanksgiving dinner!

I might have left the door open a little too long cause I got shooed out of the kitchen, hehehe!

We all picked out seats at the table, I made sure I got a seat next to Mom!

We all had a good laugh about the missing turkey! But we all knew something was up, since Uncle Envi was reheating pizza!

Sim: Family Home! <3
Turkey Plushie: Sammich Fixins - Tom da Turkey 2015
Tail and Turkey Onesie: ZaCo: Lil Turkey Group Gift!
Sweater: *HT* Thanksgiving Sweater @Kid2Kid November!
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Coral Mesh Hair @ Hairology November!
Bow: .Olive. the Windy Ribbon - Gold @Kawaii Project {Anniversary Bday Gift!}
Glasses: [Z O O M] Faceglass Gift
Leggings: {Glitter Outfitters}{Knit Leggings}{White}
Boots:  "mignon." -moccasin fringe ankle boots. @TresChicVenue November17th round

I'm so Thankful for my beautiful and loving family, you've all been so supportive and caring!
When they say it takes a village to raise a kid, I never knew I'd be adopted by one!
<3 Thank you Mommy for choosing me! <3