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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Early Worm Slept In

It took FOREVER to set up all our tents, so I was super tired and apparently slept in later than everybody else... There wasn't anymore breakfast so good thing I packed my emergency rations of candy!

Uncle Envi staked out the best plot for the whole family! It's super big, and we get to see the mountains and have a huuuuuuge lake to swim in! 

Best part about this camp site though? There is no end to the things I can do to have fun! I even got a note when I woke up from the morning announcements that there was a masquerade party tonight! Which got me thinking.....

...I should go! I had a blast dancing the night away. We did the monster mash, and thriller and all the fun Halloween songs. I can't wait to do more of the activities at the camp!

~Two outfits for this post! ~

Mask: ~Chimeric Fashions~ Cheetah Domino
Dress: Candy Cloud : night ballroom gown baby - purple
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arden - ginger


Flower: .tsg. Rose Accessory - White (group gift)
Necklace & Bracelet: {T.T}Blessed bracelet {T.T}Loved necklace (Hello Beautiful November!)
Outfit and shoes:  Muriel - Lux Red Plaid
Glasses: Itsy Bitsy Susan outfit

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Essentials are all I Need

Today's the day we finally get to go camping! Momma told me to pack only the essentials since we need to fit everybody's things into both the cars. And I think I'll definitely need my monkey and my bird house and my comic books and my redpanda and......

Lets Go Camping! ♥

......Mom has a completely different idea of what essential means! Needless to say I had to do some repacking, but I did get to bring a few of my toys along! It took nearly 2 whole hours to get everybody packed! I still think I forgot something though.... was it my toothbrush?

Heading out to camp!

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Melina Mesh Hair - Cinnamon
Outfit & Shoes: Itsy Bitsy TD Whitney
Lashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Necklace: Kalopsia - Zodiacs Necklaces - Ursa Major (Kustom 9 9l gift)
Suitcase: <:*BoOgErS*:> Ready to Go Case Brown
Red Panda: +Half-Deer+ Mini Forest Friend - Red Panda

Bonus Pic!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Packing for Camp!

Get ready for a series ladies and gentlemen! The Dragovar's are going camping! We'll all be going for a whole week, so get ready for s'mores and fishing and all the fun stuff :D I know that I can't wait!


<3 I'll be sure to post updates when I can this is sure to be a fun and busy week!! I'm still packing my bags so next post we should be on our way ;D

Monday, October 19, 2015

An Apple A Day

Would you follow the Doctor if he asked you to?

Can't Reach The Doc

I think the only thing that would hold me back was if it was an early morning, cause I'd be telling him to hit the snooze! (And that's the truth!!)

I hit the TAG gacha and got a bunch of fun things, nose straws, and a whole heap of all you can eat gigantic Lollipops (it was the default treat lol)

Talk Nerdy to Me


Sim: My room on the Home Sim <3 IM if you'd like to visit!
Shirt, Skirt, Shoes and Glasses: Heirloom Treasures Talk Nerdy to Me (On SALE!)
Corgis and Headband: Sweet Thing & darkendStare - Plush Monster
Wings: Stockholm&Lima: Neon Heart Wings
Hair Rose: -Pixicat- Halloween.Trick (mod)
Hair: Truth Demelza

See something in my room you like? 
leave a comment <3 I'll be sure to let you know where I got it!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fawns and Fairs

I'm super excited to make this blog post! It was the first time where I have been given the opportunity to get into events early to show off items that I love!!

To start is Wasabi Pill's Melina hair from Geeks'n'Nerds Fair (Oct 17th-Nov 1st), It's unrigged and gorgeous!

Fall Fawn

Best part is it fits perfectly over the Mesh Head from Pink Acid From the Wayward Halloween Gacha (Oct. 16-31st)

Fall Fawn

The dress is super cute too, and I love the boots, when I can see them. This is an adorable dress from Itsy Bitsy at the Penumbra Autumn Winter Fashion Week. (Oct 17-24th)

Fall Fawn

Head: Pink Acid Dead Pooki Doll head - Ghost
Antlers: Persefona Carrie Antlers (frozen orange)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Melina
Necklace: Altair Crystalized Insults
Glasses, Dress, Boots: Itsy Bitsy Susan
Sim: Just Another Tequila Surise, Isle of Love

Monday, October 12, 2015

Falling into Fall

Pandora Box of Dreams

Down by the Bay

I just got the halloween hunt Autumn days outfit from ToddleTeeZ! And I love it so much I had to show it off! My cousin Cece was super nice to let me know about it!

Down by the Bay

Luckily I was able to find a beautiful place, with leaves to stomp in and streams to splash! I couldn't believe how many trees there were there! No matter where you looked it was filled with yellows and oranges.

Down by the Bay


Down by the Bay

Hair: Truth Nova
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Megane
Outfit: ToddleTeeZ Autumn Days
Boots: Me!

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Dream within a Dream

Storybrooke Gardens

I fell asleep to a fairytale.....
With sugar plums and fairies and all sorts of fantastical things.

Balloons and Bicycles to take me where the wind goes today, the breeze in my hair and ruffling my.... tail? Well I suppose anything can happen!

So many places to explore so many different animals! Tigers and Lions and... cows? having tea? I think I hear my tummy grumbling....

Getting hungry, I spotted a tiny house deeper in the woods. I hoped I could find something appetizing. It sure smelled good, something must be cooking!

I found pies and cookies of all things! Still fresh and warm as if they had just started cooling from the oven. I snacked for a bit, but didn't want to push my luck, you never know when the owner of the house might come back and turn you into a toad!

I headed out and was surprised to see.... gingerbread men! I was shocked, and quickly made sure no crumbs were still on my face and waved back. And quickly made my way deeper and deeper into the woods.

It was finally getting too dark, and I was starting to miss home. I waved goodnight to the turtles, and thanked the mice once again for the lovely tea. Climbed into the tree house and laid my head down for a nap. Thinking only once about how odd it was that pillow seemed so familiar and smelled like home...

The Best is Yet to Come
Hair: Magika Things
Horns: Ayakashi Yokocho Sakura Horns Gacha
Hair Comb: {Aii} the Ugly and Beautiful Devil flower oriental comb
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Megane
Tail: Timber Wilds Wolf
Tights: Turducken Black Bows
Dress, Bow, Boots: Me!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Peatonville Bay

Today I decided to visit Peatonville Bay. There's rumors about there being another island to visit that isn't yet open to the public but the bay is just gorgeous.

The wind was a little chilly but I saw some huuuuge ships and a cute little scooter, I think they call them vespas? I barely even come up to the seat on it!

Hair: Truth Riri
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Mirai
Dress, shoes, bow: Me!
Sim: Peaville Bay by MadPea

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fireflies & Butterflies

Kimmy's Elysium Garden

Weather outside was beautiful today, so I felt a walk in a garden would do me well. I hear that it's only open for a short time though, but it's quite the beautiful place to see!

Waaaay up on the hill is a greenhouse with beautiful white butterflies! I didn't catch any though but they sure were nice to look at!

Dress: Me!
Hair: Truth Ivana Gingers
Shoes: LittleBigMe As Time Flys By Ballet Flat
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Mirai

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Nook where the Green is Everlasting

Today I had a fantastic adventure. I found a place called Evergreen Nook. I had only seen pictures of it but the entire island is beautiful so I just had to explore further!

Tradition: taking a photo in front of random sign just to prove you really did go there xD

The best part was feeling like a wild thing! There was no one else on the island, it was completely deserted! I foraged ahead through the tall grass into a clearing and I could just make out a tiny cottage across the way.

The door was unlocked I swear! And just look at all these books~ I could spend all day here.... Which I did!

I unfortunately forgot my marshmallows at home, but there was a nice warm fire to keep my toesies warm. It was finally getting late, but I had one last stop to make!

I just had to check out the waterfront before the fog rolled in, and boy was I glad that I did. The waves were huge! I think my hair still smells like the water!

~After notes:The man that owns the land is really super nice! Be sure to say hi to him if you see him :D

Hair: Truth Riri
Dress: Me!
Shoes: LittleBigMe As Time Flys By Ballet Flat
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Mirai

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Prepping for the Great Pumpkin

I've been helping as much as I can around the yard, helping to reorganize the leaves, squishing all the rotten pumpkins and making sure all the baskets don't have any holes in the bottom! I can't wait to look for my own pumpkin to carve!!

I'm also breaking out my crayons and working on my secret Halloween costume! I got the hair bought, and that was the hard part! So it's all easy street from here! ^o^

Hair: Magicka Things
Eyes: {S0NG) Nightmare event Slime
Dress and shoes: Me!
Tights: Turducken Bows
Pose: {Sepia} autumn in the air gacha

Friday, October 2, 2015

B is for Bestmominthewholeworld!

Not sure how to start this, but I found a mom and a huuuuuge family that are the most awesome sauce people! For now it's just mommy and me in a huuuuge house, but I like it cause I get a room all to myself and I don't have to share :)
The whole family lives on one big sim too, so I walk to my aunts and uncles houses all the time! And we're decorating for Halloween too, with pumpkins I sure hope I get to carve my own this year!

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maiko (tinted)
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Mirai
Outfit: (bow dress shoes): Me!
Tights: Turducken Bow Tights
Necklace: Quirky Unicorn
Fireplace: PILOT
Pumpkins: Cheeky Pea

Hitting the Ground Running

First let me start off with an introduction, I started this adventure on my own, not knowing where the wind would take me.
So I decided to take a walk, and get my head straight. I hadn't had an active family in a while but I knew I really did want one. So I found the prettiest sim I could find with fall leaves and took some photos for an adoption, honestly hoped for the best.
I hoped for a family I could see everyday, people to talk to, and most importantly new friends!

Hair: .ploom. Alexis
Glasses: The sugar garden Mirai
Outfit (bow, dress and shoes): Me!
Shape: Me!

If you have a tough decision: Flip a coin
 Not to decide for you,
 but you’ll realize what you really want 
when it’s in the air.