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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Dream within a Dream

Storybrooke Gardens

I fell asleep to a fairytale.....
With sugar plums and fairies and all sorts of fantastical things.

Balloons and Bicycles to take me where the wind goes today, the breeze in my hair and ruffling my.... tail? Well I suppose anything can happen!

So many places to explore so many different animals! Tigers and Lions and... cows? having tea? I think I hear my tummy grumbling....

Getting hungry, I spotted a tiny house deeper in the woods. I hoped I could find something appetizing. It sure smelled good, something must be cooking!

I found pies and cookies of all things! Still fresh and warm as if they had just started cooling from the oven. I snacked for a bit, but didn't want to push my luck, you never know when the owner of the house might come back and turn you into a toad!

I headed out and was surprised to see.... gingerbread men! I was shocked, and quickly made sure no crumbs were still on my face and waved back. And quickly made my way deeper and deeper into the woods.

It was finally getting too dark, and I was starting to miss home. I waved goodnight to the turtles, and thanked the mice once again for the lovely tea. Climbed into the tree house and laid my head down for a nap. Thinking only once about how odd it was that pillow seemed so familiar and smelled like home...

The Best is Yet to Come
Hair: Magika Things
Horns: Ayakashi Yokocho Sakura Horns Gacha
Hair Comb: {Aii} the Ugly and Beautiful Devil flower oriental comb
Glasses: The Sugar Garden Megane
Tail: Timber Wilds Wolf
Tights: Turducken Black Bows
Dress, Bow, Boots: Me!

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