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Thursday, November 19, 2015


It's Snowmagedon!

IT SNOWED!!! I couldn't believe how early the snow came this year!

I built two snowmen with all the snow in the front yard, I had to improvise for their outfits though, wonder if Momma will notice her oven mitts are missing....

If it stays this cold I bet you I'll get to go ice skating on our pond soon too! I can't wait!

Sim: My Home Sim
Hat: {T.T}bear cowl @Color Me Cute until december 1st!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anouk
Mittens: {T.T}"Snow" Natural mittens
Sweater: ZaCo: Short Sweater Pink Love
Skirt: ZaCo: Tea Party Skirt Floral
Leggings: {T.T}Fancy -Grey TD tights layer
Shoes: {T.T}Teddy flats with socks @Limited50 get it fast!


  1. You're too cute!!!! AHHH!!! Your adorable-ness makes me want to squeeze you!

    1. Dawww! <3 Thankies! I'm just like my snowmen I like warm hugs :D hehehe