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Monday, November 23, 2015

I don't always wear two outfits...

But when I do... it's because I'm Addicted to Pink!

I couldn't feel anymore girly than I did today, so when I woke up I was in a world of witches and wizards.

Grabbing a bike I headed for the trails, I saw a sign that pointed to a cave, but the grass was too tall, so I ended having to hoof it anyways ;)

I decided to do a little spelunking or is it caving... either way, I sure didn't know what I got myself into!

I crept through the tall flora, and... did you see that flower move?! I took off for the exit as fast as I could go~

I stopped for a treat at an ice cream stand and got a strawberry popcicle. But I couldn't eat it quite fast enough, and got some on my shirt. Had to do a quick change, but that's pretty easy in a town of wizards!


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ximena
Glasses: [Z O O M] Faceglass Gift
Outfit: Sammich Fixins New Doll outfit @Addicted to Pink! until tomorrow! (25th!)
Body: Cute Bytes Toddleedoo
Shape: Custom by me!
Psssssst! You still here? Wanna see the other pink outfit that I got changed into? ;D
Click the photo to find the details for this second ATP Exclusive!!

Bonus Photo!

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