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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Strawberry & Mint

I've been so crazy crazy busy! I need a nap.... 

(you know I'm tired if even I'm suggesting that!)

I Moooooooved! Momma and I decided we'd like a little change of scenery!
I had to pack every single thing into boxes on Friday and Moved in today. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had, and how big our old house looked when all our stuff was out of it! Hehe!

I'll be super busy with getting everything all squared away, so travel's might have to be put on a little hold while we get settled <3

Sim: Home Sim! Just down the street :D
Hair: [DUE] Byrne (NR) - Pastel 5
Headband: pr!tty - Pearly Meowy
Glasses: Sweet Tots 70sG ~ Funky
Scarf: {T.T}Mignon scarf @ATP December 15th until the 25th
Top: ZaCo: Festive Outfit Pink
Tights: T.T. Fancy Girl Tights
Boots: {T.T}Meow Boots BABY rigged @Color Me Cute December 15th to Jan. 1st
Nails: {T.T} Jolly Nails Art @ Hello Beautiful Dec 1st - Dec 24th

In My Room: 
Pose used: {T.T}My Christmas gift gacha @Everything Kids Nov 24th - Dec 17th
{C} Starry Twilight @ ATLT  Dec 1st - Dec 21st
Sherbert Holiday Wall Hanging @Christmas Village
Cute Poison - Dream Cloud 02 A1 Pink
Serenity Style- Birdie Pillows   TCH 2nd ANNIV.
*MishMish* Pugs Love TV - Dr. Pug
The Loft - Marelda Fantasy Coach Green
+Half-Deer+ Mini Forest Friend - Red Panda (rez)
[Fetch] #Bunny Plushie - common
HIDEKI - Nostalgic Suitcase RARE
-Pixicat- Ballerina.Glass
{BunBun} Cat Camera - Purple
*Shai*  The Posh Puppy - Queen B RARE


  1. OMG sweetie pea!!! You changed your hair color to mint!!! LA LA LA LOVE IT!!! <3 And I am loving those boots. As always, I always look forward to your cute posts :)

    1. <3333 Thankies!! i thought I'd switch it up for a little bit since I was painting the walls in my new room ^^;; I think just a little got in my hair though....